The 75th Diamond Jubilee Independence Day

Wednesday, 4 January 2023
CRPH/NUG Support Group (Australia)

Today, the 4th of January 2023, is the 75th Anniversary of Myanmar Independence Day. Myanmar got independence from the British on the 4th of January 1948 after fighting against the colonial system decades ago. The achieving independence proves that the people, citizens, and ethnic nationalities living in Myanmar have been fighting and winning over the bad system by means of unity, steadfastness and grit. Article 5 of the Independence declaration clearly states, “The New Republic of Burma is also established upon the principle of Burmese unity, not by blood, tribe, or faith, but by a unity that speaks with one voice, representing many.” It reflects the vision and values of the Independence leaders and architects of Myanmar.

Though the essence of independence, the “Panlong Agreement” in which equal rights for all citizens and all ethnicities were guaranteed unanimously and signed by General Aung San, a national hero and independence leader, and leaders from the country’s main ethnic groups, was ignored to certain extents since Myanmar gained its independence in 1948, the citizens of Myanmar and all ethnic groups got a chance to live harmoniously under the federal democratic parliamentary system till 1962 coup, one of the ugliest moments in Myanmar history, led by the then army chief of staff Ne Win. Since then all Myanmar citizens and ethnic groups have been misled, abused and tortured by a group of self-centered army personnel camouflaging their greed and stupidity under the title of nationalism and religious supremacy. For the betterment of their beloved country, all citizens of Myanmar and ethnic groups have never been giving up fighting against these tyrants by different means and ways namely “1962 Student Uprising”, “1974 U Thant Crisis Student Uprising”, “The renown 1988 Revolution” and “The 2007 Saffron Revolution”. History speaks for itself. Now we all are taking part in “The Spring Revolution” for the same objective.

A strong foundation, to eradicate military supremacy and stupidity, was laid solidly and steadfastly during and after the 1988 Revolution, which is known as the second wave of revolution for the genuine independence of all citizens and ethnicities. This 1988 Revolution produced strong and determined national leaders with vision such as State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, U Win Tin, President U Win Myint and etc., well-poised leaders like Ko Min Ko Naing and etc., selfless martyrs like Ko Jimmy and Ko Phyo Zeyar Thaw and other unsung heroes, current NUCC, CRPH, NUG leaders, PDF members, CDMers, all the resilient citizen and ethnicities, overseas diasporas and, most importantly a new culture to work in a team environment with resilience, trust and unity regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age and gender differences.

Although it is an auspicious day to celebrate independence, it is really sad to say that we still need to fight against the military dictators who have been taking Myanmar and its people backward since February 1, 2021, the day Min Aung Hlaing, the coup leader, and his military group took the state power unlawfully and shamelessly. Since then these military thugs have threatened, tortured, raped and killed innocent citizens, burned hundreds of villages and looted people’s belongings, bombed unarmed civilians, schools, churches, monasteries and etc., and conducted all sorts of cruelties and inhumane acts that humanly impossible to think. This military group has been not only ruining Myanmar and its citizens, committing crime against humanity as well as war crimes but also threatening the stability of the Southeast Asia region as a whole.

The whole country’s answer to the military’s unlawful and inhumane acts is loud and clear in one voice with unwavering commitment, to defend the country they all cherish, to remove these military thugs from Myanmar and to rebuild the professional army. The true grit and political acumen of Myanmar citizens and people have spoken and proved in different ways and different facets through the forms of CDM, PDF, NUCC, CRPH — NUG, overseas diasporas and etc., even though facing the financial and other hardships in the stringent environments and unfavorable conditions which leads to making the whole world understand and start realizing that it is neither fight nor conflict among our ethnic brothers that military group always portrays, instead it is fighting against military dictatorship and crime against humanity for the justice. On this auspicious day, the CRPH-NUG Support Group Australia would like to congratulate the efforts of various resistant forces for their selfless sacrifices, thoughtful endeavors, and concerted efforts for their beloved country, Myanmar and its people and also pledge to serve Myanmar and its citizen hand in hand with local communities across Australia and overseas counterparts.

The unlawful military terrorist group has been trying every possible way to deceive and manipulate the international communities by organizing fabricated and ineffective peace talks, propagating rumors, untrue stories and capricious news and now saying that they will hold an election in 2023 which will NOT be lawful, trusted, free and fair. Dealing with the dishonest and manipulative military group is dangerous not only for the Myanmar citizens but also for the stability of ASEAN countries and the Southeast Asia region. The ASEAN countries and regional key players like Australia need to work in accordance with the will of the Myanmar citizens which is reflected clearly in the “Federal Democracy Charter” in which a plausible political roadmap is evolved from the aftermath of numerous discussions initiated by National Unity Consultative Council, a platform where all the political forces who have the genuine wishes for federal and democracy in Myanmar.

Although CRPH and NUG have been recognized as a parliament on the run and a government on the run with zero budget in hand, everybody would agree, with positive nod coupled with some improvement challenges, that both have been taking part as team players as well as team leaders, along with NUCC and other EROs, to coordinate, advocate, and provide guidance for all sectors of Spring Revolution movements from humanitarian assistance, defense strategy, international relationship, health, education, raising funds and etc. These are enormous tasks and thus we all need to support and work vehemently under the guidance of the CRPH-NUG leadership team who plays a pivotal role, while suggesting to them, with positive and cooperative manners, the challenges to be improved.

Last but not least, the CRPH-NUG Support Group Australia would like to urge the Australian government and Australian citizens including the Myanmar diaspora living in Australia on this very auspicious day of the 75th Myanmar Independence Day to support and help Myanmar and its citizens who have been striving fearlessly for their freedom, rights, equality, and justice which can be deemed as fighting for their second independence. More specifically, we also would like to urge the Australian government to engage more with CRPH and NUG and set clear direction and measures with regards to providing humanitarian assistance effectively, pressuring unlawful military junta and its associates more forcefully, and working closely with the allies and ASEAN partners for the stability of Myanmar which is crucial to prevent power imbalance in the region.

Truth must prevail!

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