[Nikkei Asia/ Japan] Australian alliance eyes bid for Pacific telecom to block China

  • The government of Australia looks to support a bid by domestic telecom Telstra to buy a leading South Pacific mobile phone business reportedly eyed by a Chinese suitor, as Canberra works to limit Beijing’s influence in the region.
  • Last year, Australian media reported that state-owned China Mobile was interested in buying Digicel Pacific. It also was reported that Australia was considering supporting a domestic fund through loan guarantees to fend off Beijing’s advances.
  • China has been exerting influence over Pacific islands, raising security concerns among Australia and others with deep ties to the region such as Japan and the U.S. In particular, Chinese moves surrounding information infrastructure have raised a red flag.

Link: https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Telecommunication/Australian-alliance-eyes-bid-for-Pacific-telecom-to-block-China

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