[The Conversation/ Australia] Is the COVID vaccine rollout the greatest public policy failure in recent Australian history?

  • There’s the failure to procure sufficient vaccine and an accompanying over-reliance on the AstraZeneca vaccine. The complications with rolling out the latter have exposed the shortage of supply of the Pfizer vaccine.
  • While other international leaders personally lobbied Pfizer executives for supplies, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Health Minister Greg Hunt were inexplicably passive.
  • Public confidence in the government’s handling of the vaccine rollout has sharply diminished. The latest Newspoll shows disapproval of the rollout jumping 11 points to 57%.
  • But will the Morrison government’s mishandling of the vaccine rollout be politically fatal? Certainly, falling confidence in the rollout is translating into a decline in support for the Coalition.

Link: https://theconversation.com/is-the-covid-vaccine-rollout-the-greatest-public-policy-failure-in-recent-australian-history-164396

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