Take Action for Peace and Democracy in Myanmar (Australia Campaign)

Take Action for Peace and Democracy in Myanmar

Ma Thin Thin Aung is an advocate for women’s rights, free media and democracy in Myanmar. On 8 April 2021, members of Burmese army in plain clothes arrested and detained her. Her crime?

Helping run an independent media and news platform covering the military coup. Now she is in prison. COVID is running wild and she has chronic asthma.  

As Myanmar spirals into civil war, the military junta is using violence and torture against women, men and children every day. Millions of people are going hungry. 

The military has killed over 1000 people. This includes 75 children. The military has arrested more than 5000 people like Ma Thin Thin Aung.

Trade unions are outlawed. Free media is being shut down. The military is committing violence and sexual crimes against women including people languishing in prison.

What’s more, the military continues to bankroll its campaign of terror with money from the mining, oil, and gas sectors.


Add your voice to the thousands of Australians who want our government to take greater action to stop the military and help the people of Myanmar.


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39 thoughts on “Take Action for Peace and Democracy in Myanmar (Australia Campaign)”

  1. Denise Nichols

    Australia can and must do more to recognise and work alongside the National Unity Government in Myanmar. The country is ravaged by both the actions of the military junta and the Covid pandemic. It’s citizens need our support and our compassion to find a way to a better future.

    1. Damrong Samritnok

      🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

      ** September 13, 2021 **

      Let the world hear

      National Unity Government
      Recognize NUG
      # Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun as United Nations Permanent Representative to Burma
      As a citizen
      Absolutely recommend … !!

      🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

    1. Cynthia Latt

      NUG is a legitimate and fully representative institution of the Union of Myanmar with 60 % of ots cabinet members being ethnic leaders and 25 % women and youth.

  2. Peter Butler

    Australia must recognise National Unity Government (NUG) of Myanmar, the legitimate government voted by the people of Myanmar.

    1. Please​ support​ to​ our​ new​ government​ NUG​
      a​nd save​ ​myanmar
      Thanks a​ lot

    2. Myanmar people need supportive actions from international community not supporting words right now. Our fellow citizen professor Sean Turnell is still in the jail without charges. Please help sending email to your local MPs to raise the Myanmar issues.

  3. Tin Kyi Kyi Moe

    Myanmar needs your help, Please save Myanmar by supporting NUG.

  4. Australia as a democratically successful country has a responsibility to support the people in Myanmar. Australia government can publicly help the people in Myanmar. Please engage with NUG formally and provide effective Humanitarian Assistance to the people in Myanmar.

    477 Civil Society Organisations in Myanmar has also written a letter calling for the support from Australia. People are dying everyday in Myanmar! https://www.facebook.com/progressivevoice/posts/10159226463174890

  5. Australian government cannot be silent on the issues of Myanmar. As a leader in the region, Australia should question and demand ASEAN to at least engage with NUG. ASEAN has been totally disrespectful towards the people in Myanmar and have been ignoring the voices inside Myanmar. The greed of ASEAN is notable as they only choose to engage with the murderer regime! Australia must see to ASEAN’s irresponsibility and make them accountable.

    1. Dear Australian government-
      Please help our vulnerable Myanmar people with covid-19 crises and also with military coup and lost their human rights and freedom. Please support NUG to save the people of Myanmar.
      Thank you.

  6. Jon Breukel

    Australia needs to lift it’s game and do more to help the 54 million people now being denied their democratic freedom and rights in Myanmar.

  7. Mie Mie Thant Zin

    I will appreciate if Australian government could help to restore Myanmar democracy by recognising National Unity Government.

  8. Please recognise NUG and engage with NUG formally. As a resident of Australia, I would like to urge the Australian government to provide effective humanitarian and emergency covid assistance to the people in Myanmar directly through NGOs and community based organisations at the borders.

  9. Siang Cinzah

    Please save Myanmar and we need your help. Recognise NUG and reject Military.

    Really appreciate

  10. Place halp up our childrens Future in myanmar . please Recognise NUG to keep us Save for the pepoels of BURMESE . Sporting Australia Government for NUG to MYANMAR please .

  11. Australia’s middle power role in the indo pacific region is very influential. Australia haven’t used fully its middle power role yet. People in Myanmar expect Australia a lot involving regional affairs. Myanmar and Australia are having long and peaceful otherwise constructive relations each other. Australia should maintain this relations and involve in regional affair. ASE AN alone will not enough to tackle the crisis in Myanmar.We , Myanmar people expect ASE AN plus Australia, South Korea and Japan in resolving the historic humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.

  12. Joe Lo Bianco

    This is not a complex decision to make. On the one hand there is a massively popular democratically elected civilian government. On the other, there is a murderous military junta that usurped power, killed and continues to kill its own citizens, denies them emergency relief and will impoverish the country. It’s well past time for Australia to take a more decisive stand and support the NUG and the aspirations of Myanmar’s brave people.

    1. Alexandra Jane Daley

      In these times no man woman or child should be persecuted in this way. We have the power, as do many countries but they have blin hearts, ears and eyes, to make a difference. It breaks my heart.

  13. Antonia Esten

    Many of us overseas can feel helpless in the face of the problems in Myanmar, but our hearts and minds are with you.

  14. Greg Thompson

    Australia must urge the UN Credentials Committee to recommend the endorsement of the NUG not the Military “Government” of Myanmar as well as do even more to support the people of Myanmar under the current tyranny and beyond

  15. Australia has never been taking a leading action in Asia Pacific region apart from following US. Now is the time to stand up and to show our strength.

  16. Dr Cyril Latt

    NUG would bring peace, unity, equality and genuine fedral democracy to Myanmar and would be mutually beneficial to Australians and their regional interests.

  17. Australia needs to participate in assisting Myanmar to restore democracy along with other democratic countries of the world

  18. Please recognize the people of Myanmar’s Government, National Unity Government (NUG).Please reject world crime military coups.

  19. Please help and save Myanmar 🇲🇲.
    Please accept our NGU and reject Military 🙏
    Thanks and really appreciate it 🙏

  20. Save Democracy.
    Save People in Myanmar.
    Save Australian Prof. Dr. Sean Turnell.

    Reject Bully!

  21. Please Australia plays a leading role as usual in recognising National Unity Government.

  22. Thu Zar Than

    Thank you, Australia for your previous support to Myanmar but there needs more effective support to overcome the crisis.
    Please support and engage with Myanmar’s National Unity Government (NUG) and the Committee Representing the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) as the legitimately elected representatives of their country, having gained 76% of the people’s vote at the November 2020 election.
    Please impose immediate sanctions on coup leader Snr General Min Aung Hlaing, military leaders and their relatives, as well as members of the State Administrative Council (the military junta), and military controlled entities.

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